About Us

You look out your window and see a wide spread of hills covered with trees in a lush green.  Then you ask yourself how long will it stay that way?

At Keeping the Green, that’s the way we think too.  So we’re taking action by spreading the word and asking people “really, how hard can it be” to do a little eco-love here and there?

And what better way to spread the word than to have your little ones send the message?   Our bamboo blend onesies do all the talking.  Not only will the bamboo fabric keep the earth healthy and happy, but it’ll do the same for you and your little one too.  Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial so it doesn’t lock in odors.  It’s more breathable and will wick away moisture keeping you dry and avoiding that sweaty stuck-on-you-t-shirt feeling.  Bamboo is great for sensitive skin and has natural UV rays protection.  It’s easy to care for, more wrinkle-resistant than all cotton products, and has minimal shrinkage in warm washing and drying settings.  Why wouldn’t you add this fabric to your child’s wardrobe?


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Mission Statement


Believing that every little bit counts, Keeping the Green strives to promote global awareness and environmental education.  We feel you are never too young and it is never too late to begin taking part.  We aim to help keep what still is green, untouched, and what was once green back to its original glow.